The 11th Annual W3 5k/0k Run, Walk, Revitalize

Race Update:

We are taking an extended water break for 2014!

For over a decade, the W3 5k/0k has been dedicated to improving the health of women in Mid-Michigan. We thank you for your support and encouragement for the past ten years, and hope for your continued dedication in the future as we explore new opportunities.

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We are excited to announce that this year, W3 will take over the MSU Alumni Association’s 'Kaleidoscope: A Day for Women' event, which is now in its 40th year. This exciting opportunity led to W3’s decision to focus our committee’s efforts on just two major fundraising events for 2014:

Our 5th Annual Dapper Dads Challenge & Fashion Show on June 5


W3 Presents Kaleidoscope on September 5

At their conclusion, we’ll revisit including the W3 5k/0k Run, Walk, Revitalize event in our future fundraising efforts.

Meanwhile, we'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our most amazing sponsors, participants and vendors, who helped make our “5k/0k” so unique and who so enthusiastically supported W3 and our mission to improve the physical and psychological well-being of women in mid-Michigan.

It’s been a wonderful 10-year run.

Your efforts have truly made a difference in the lives of countless women in our community!

For more information or questions, contact Shela Dubenion-Smith at 517.364.5696