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Founded in 1896 thanks to the generosity of E.W. Sparrow, Sparrow Hospital was established on the principle of providing the highest quality, compassionate health care to everyone, every time. The Sparrow Foundation was organized 60 years ago to support this mission by providing much-needed funds for Sparrow.

Inspired by you and continuing in the ways of E.W. Sparrow himself, the Foundation plays a critical role in raising resources and community awareness, as well as funding for equipment, services, educational programs, and research that otherwise might not be possible at Sparrow.

Funding support comes from many sources within the mid-Michigan region. Corporate partnerships, fundraising events, and individual donations as well as volunteerism, each play a large role in maintaining the level of excellence associated with Sparrow.

By supporting the Sparrow Foundation, you are making a difference in the lives of those in need of care within our region. Better funding means more complete and higher quality services. A contribution to the Sparrow Foundation is an investment in your community, making it a better, healthier place for all of us to live.