Meet a Sparrow Supporter 

A community thrives when its leaders take an active role. Sparrow’s Patients and their families - your neighbors, your friends – have been blessed by the region’s community business leaders’ generosity. Our corporate partners’ philanthropic investment allows a spouse a private room to comfortably be by their loved one’s side, when it matters most. It purchases equipment that buys our emergency staff a little more time to save a child from a traumatic brain injury. These corporate gifts have real, tangible impacts on people’s lives. The business leaders who have stepped up to help deliver the best healthcare to our region deserve recognition. We want you to meet some of them.


Gary McRay | Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, PC

The connection between Foster Swift and Sparrow Hospital spans more than a century, as our firm’s founder, Walter Foster, served on Sparrow’s Board of Directors in the early 1900’s. We see firsthand the positive impact Sparrow makes to mid-Michigan through its delivery of first-class medical care including innovative wellness programs that help to create a healthier community. Bottom line…the folks at Sparrow never settle for anything less than the best of care for each Patient every day.

Dick Iding | Bud Kouts Chevrolet

Philanthropy is very important to our company. We learned very early in life working with our father, Mr. Joe Iding, that one should always give back to the community that you work and live in. He always said ‛pick one or two great causes and support them, especially if it’s a good cause that gives to the community and provides service to them’.


With Sparrow, many of my employees that live in the community, and ones that have been injured on the job, have had a close and very good place to go to get the care they needed at critical times.


We do business with Sparrow, and many of Sparrow’s employees are Bud Kouts Chevrolet customers. We feel close to Sparrow, and can truly say we are PROUD to be part of their great organization. It’s a great place to invest for today and beyond!




Michael J. King | WILX Media

As a leading news organization, our mission is to serve the community by providing news and information that help our viewers enrich their lives. A large part of that is giving time and exposure to organizations that are working to improve access to services or the quality of life right here in Mid-Michigan. The only way for us to grow and thrive as a region is for the community leaders to give time and resources to those efforts that make this community such a wonderful place to live and work.


Sparrow is one of the primary economic drivers for this community. A key factor for companies in deciding where to build facilities or individuals deciding where they want to raise a family is access to quality local healthcare. Sparrow is a nationally recognized leader in quality healthcare. To reach our potential, we must have state of the art healthcare facilities and world class specialists to care for our community.


WILX and Sparrow have worked closely together for over 20 years to improve the quality of healthcare for our most vulnerable community members….our children. There can be no greater burden on a family than caring for a sick child. Working with Sparrow to ease this burden has been one of the most fulfilling endeavors this company has undertaken.

It’s the right thing for your employees; it’s the right thing for your company; and it’s the right thing for this community. Sparrow is a COMMUNITY asset. It is our responsibility to insure that access to quality healthcare is available locally, so that our families don’t need to leave home to heal. It’s a smart investment in the long-term health of your company. 











Larry Preston | Tri-Star Trust Bank

At the very heart of Tri-Star Trust Bank’s culture is our “Commitment to Caring”. Caring for our clients. Caring for each other. Caring for our communities. We view Sparrow as the ideal partnership to care for all three. The people of Tri-Star, our families, our friends, our business partners and Most importantly our clients are all positively impacted by having world-class health care delivered locally.

Through our gift to the Dr. Joseph L. Sheets Endowment for Medical Education we are able to also demonstrate our caring for our board members, Joseph J. Ruth, current EVP & Chief Operating Officer of Sparrow and J. Donald Sheets, EVP & CFO, North American Region President, Dow Corning Corporation, whose father is the late Dr. Joseph L. Sheets, a pioneer in physician philanthropy at Sparrow.


Dr. Sheets was instrumental in designing the Sparrow OB-GYN unit and in specifying the level, quality and personality of the care to be received. The Dr. Joseph L. Sheets Endowment for Medical Education is the largest restricted endowment fund at Sparrow Foundation and supports OB-GYN medical resident education. We are pleased to be a Sparrow Foundation Partner.






G. Christine Dowding-Metts | Dowding Industries, Inc.

Dowding Industries, Inc. is proud to be a Sparrow Partner. Sparrow’s mission, “to improve the health of our families, employees, and the people in our communities by providing quality, compassionate care to everyone, every time,” is what makes our relationship with them so rewarding. When our out-of-town corporate banker struck a deer on I-96, it shattered their windshield and landed in his wife’s lap, causing severe facial lacerations. Sparrow’s emergency response team was amazing. Their ability to remain sensitive and compassionate to the emotional part of the experience, combined with their medical expertise, has left a lasting impression with him and his family. Sparrow even provided a volunteer to remain with their two children that were waiting in the ER, allowing him to stay with his wife. Our banker is a critical asset to Dowding Industries. We thank God for the miracle that happened that day and thank Sparrow Health Systems for their world class excellence in medical practices and emotional awareness for this out-of -town family. We proudly play a partnership role in Sparrow’s future and their continued efforts to provide critical care, as well as overall wellness for our community and all our employees, wherever they live, work and play.





Patrick McPharlin | MSU Federal Credit Union

MSUFCU is pleased to partner with the Sparrow Foundation to help advance the health of the greater Lansing community and to help each person to achieve their dreams.


Recently, MSUFCU established a pediatric music therapy endowment at the Sparrow Foundation. Through the healing power of music, this gift will help comfort and heal our region’s children at a most uncertain time of life.


Kelli Ellsworth-Etchison | LAFCU 

LAFCU and Sparrow have been a team since 1996. For us, it was simple; we wanted to support Sparrow because of what they stand for in our community and our region. The name Sparrow represents strong health care, peace of mind and great community support. Sparrow and its Foundation not only do the obvious, they also do the unexpected, like providing the Stork Express elevator for expectant mothers, or supporting Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) through their Sparrow Children’s Center Giveathon. I would encourage others in the business community to support Sparrow and its Foundation today.

Nell Kuhnmuench |

Governmental Consultant Services, Inc.  

GCSI has been a strong, recognized presence in Lansing for more than 27 years and recognizes our responsibility to be part of that benevolence that assures all can enjoy the very best our community has to offer— such as Sparrow.

With the area’s only Level 1 Trauma Center and services that both repair and save lives every day, Sparrow is providing a 24/7/365 day presence to assure the health of each of us in the region. That is why GCSI has supported Sparrow for so long. During that time, we have had the opportunity to see Sparrow grow and continually change on an unremitting path of improvement as the organization and its people bring the highest level of excellence to health care service delivery in our region.


I would strongly encourage all business leaders in the Greater Lansing region to engage in supporting Sparrow and the multitude of programs offered. GCSI recognizes that the smart employer knows the healthy employee will be more productive and happier and contribute far more to the bottom line. It will be a win-win for any employer who chooses to demonstrate a commitment to community giving and promotes the programs and offerings of Sparrow.

Several of us at GCSI have been blessed to have healthy children born at Sparrow, to have utilized the wellness programs offered, and to have access to Sparrow’s life-changing services that have helped us heal and grow.


When Dennis Swan took the helm of Sparrow, he brought a commitment to a philosophy of radical, loving care. That philosophy has permeated the organization and the people who constitute Sparrow. The most recent national recognition for Sparrow nurses is just one more indication of the strength and the long-term impact of a dedication to assuring that the care is always present for the client-patient who needs and seeks out the services of Sparrow and its healing mission. GCSI is proud to be a Sparrow supporter.
















Andy Kotarba | Dewpoint, Inc.

Being a community-minded corporation is an extension of Dewpoint’s philosophy—to make a difference in the lives of the people in our region. Dewpoint fosters the spirit of giving through our DewGood program, which consists of corporate giving, providing our employees with $150/year to donate to the nonprofit of their choice and 4 hours of paid time to volunteer. To see the results of your personal efforts making a difference in the lives of those around you gives our employees a sense of being part of something larger than themselves.


Sparrow has been a customer of Dewpoint since our founding in 1996. Over the years, the relationship has developed into a partnership that transcends business.


It is impossible to support every good cause. As a business leader, you want to know that your contribution is being sown into good ground. Sparrow has proven over time that they are good stewards of our donations and use funds to provide programs and services needed to make for a healthier region. Their programs reach throughout the community, touching people of all backgrounds.

Dewpoint’s support of Sparrow is an example of our commitment to leading by example. Dewpoint was recently named part of Michigan’s 50 Companies to Watch and is a long-standing tenant of Michigan’s technology corridor. Dewpoint’s management team resides in the Lansing area and is involved with various economic development and public-private partnerships. A healthy and vibrant community is good for the local economy, attracts and retains the best employees for business, but most of all, it is the right thing to do.













M.A. “Butch” Ellis, CEO Lansing Sanitary Supply, Inc.  

OUR COMPANY IS CELEBRATING ITS 35TH YEAR.We have only achieved this success through the support of our local community. It is important that we thank the community by giving back—that’s why we give to the Sparrow Foundation.

We have all, in some way, used Sparrow in our own families for our health care needs. Our gifts support Sparrow’s leading edge technology and core initiatives. We want them to continue being a strong provider of these services.

Sparrow has been a strategic partner to our company, providing services such as wellness programs, health screening programs, occupational health services and urgent care. Many of us were born at Sparrow and we enjoy seeing many of our employees and their children take advantage of the same services.

I would like to encourage all businesses in our community to take a close look at Sparrow as a strong community partner. When the opportunity affords you to, please consider supporting Sparrow and the Sparrow Foundation.





 Email Michelle Reynaert at Michelle.Reynaert@Sparrow.Org to request a Corporate Giving Information Packet