The following funds support continuing education and research for our medical, nursing and other patient care staff, which is vital to keeping Sparrow’s standards of excellence high. 


Aspiring Nurse Leader Fund

The Aspiring Nurse Leader Fund was established to support our registered nurses who are interested in management roles. The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) offers a formal institute designed for new nurse managers, as well as staff nurses, charge nurses, and assistant department managers who aspire to obtain nurse leadership positions. Our perpetual goal is to support four aspiring nurse leaders to attend this institute annually. Sparrow is proud to support the advancement and continued education for our nurses. It's one of the many reasons why Sparrow was redesignated with Magnet Certification in 2014: a gold standard of national nursing excellence. 


Family Medicine Residency Education Program

Today, the Sparrow/MSU Family Medicine Program provides cutting edge and premier Family Medicine training for eight residents annually. The Sparrow Foundation’s Family Medicine Residency Education Fund exists to support this prestigious and collaborative residency program, which draws on more than 50 years of combined experience and expertise in Family Medicine education. Through your generosity, we can continue providing the extras that make our special program vital and valuable to our residents. All gifts are placed into our restricted education fund, and available to our program for strictly educational and professional development purposes. Examples of projects benefiting from fund donations include: new course materials, updated room video monitors for communication skills training, and professional development and networking opportunities for residents and alumni. Invest in family medicine education in the greater Lansing area: consider the impact your support will have on the quality of health care in communities for today and for tomorrow.


Great Lakes Vending Education Fund

The Great Lakes Vending Education Fund exists to provide funding, and therefore, opportunity for Caregivers to attend educational conferences and seminars that are dedicated to increasing the quality of Patient Care and safety for all Patients and Caregivers. 


Joseph L. Sheets, M.D., OB/GYN Residency Fund

The Joseph Sheets Residency Fund was formed to ensure continued and ever increasing program quality for Sparrow’s OB/GYN residency program. Founded in 1972 by Joseph L. Sheets, M.D., the OB/GYN Residency Program has been providing quality graduate medical education for over 25 years. This program, the first of its kind in Mid-Michigan, combines the academic focus of Michigan State University with the clinical experience of community Physicians in the learning environment of Sparrow. The program has gained great respect, graduating more than 50 highly qualified Physicians. Many of these Physicians have established obstetric and gynecological practices in mid-Michigan. As technology advances, and health care needs of society change, the Sparrow Foundation is asking the medical staff and the people of Mid-Michigan to continue to  build upon this legacy of learning to serve future generations.


Professional Nursing Practice Fund

The Professional Nursing Practice Fund was established to support nurse clinicians advancement through programming opportunities during all levels of their professional development. Educational events supported must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Content is related to a new/appropriate knowledge/skill
  • Program supports evidence based practice
  • Content is consistent with organizational initiatives and goals

Sue Tadgerson Nursing Education and Research Fund

The Sue Tadgerson Nursing Education and Research Fund allows nurses to explore health topics and find important answers in areas such as:

  • Pain management in regard to caregiver’s knowledge and beliefs about pain
  • Infant mortality and risk factors that influence mortality
  • Newborn trauma in relation to various suctioning methods and their effects
  • Preventing bedsores and enhancing patient comfort as affected by various specialized mattresses
  • Stress in the workplace for neonatal nurses as they witness and experience grief and loss

Your gift to the Nursing Research Fund will allow the nursing research committee members to continue:

  • Identifying areas of opportunity for nursing research
  • Valuable research projects
  • Sponsoring journal clubs
  • Assisting graduate nursing students in patient research
  • Working collaboratively with other disciplines on research

Additional funding opportunities:

  • Clinical Research Fund
  • Continuing Medical Education Physicians Impact Fund
  • Continuing Medical Education Fund
  • Education Fund
  • Medical Impact Series Fund
  • MSU/Sparrow Continuing Medical Education Program Fund
  • Pharmacy Education Fund
  • Residency Fund

Donate now to help support the continuing education of our staff and cutting edge research.