The ribbon is cut at the July 11, 2017 grand opening of the new Sparrow Herbert Herman Cancer Center! 


We have the clinical quality. We have the technology. We have amazing Caregivers. Now we have the space to meet the increasing demand for exceptional cancer care.


Herbert Herman Cancer Center Ribbon Cutting


Caring For Tomorrow


The Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center offers outstanding medical care. Today, our Patients are living longer and enjoying a richer quality of life. But as our Patients' needs change, so must our approach to delivering care- from diagnosis through treatment and long term support.


With the help of over 1000 donors like you, we have created a new, state of the art Cancer Center on the Sparrow Campus. One that offers the latest technology and treatments, ongoing support for Patients and families, collaborative teams of specialists and a new healthy, healing, Patient-centered environment.


Sparrow Cancer Center from Harvest Creative on Vimeo.


According to research provided by the American Cancer Society, in 2014, there will be an estimated 1,665,450 new cases of cancer diagnosed in the United States.


Each year, 2,000 new Patients come to Sparrow for Cancer Treatment. Patients with a cancer diagnosis are living longer and more is being done to help support them throughout their life.To provide advanced care and incorporate best practices, we must treat the whole Patient and the many different needs they have while undergoing this journey. Patients like Brandy, Tim, Carol, and Annette have received the most comprehensive care in one location, and an integrated multidisciplinary approach, where our Sparrow Herbert Herman Cancer Center team of Physicians and Caregivers all sit down together to determine the most effective treatment for our Patients. 


Our new facility will enable our Physicians to provide the innovative care they excel at, that will draw even more medical experts to our community, and most importantly, will allow us to provide a better Patient experience during one of the most trying times of their lives.


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Now a reality!

 The Herbert-Herman Cancer Center: A keystone in Sparrow's commitment to caring for our community.