A neurological emergency can happen to anyone, any time. A seemingly healthy child has a seizure. A man reading to his grandchildren starts speaking incoherently. A teen driver survives a car accident but suffers a devastating brain injury. A young mom complains of severe headache and collapses.


When a neurological trauma hits, time is of the essence. The Sparrow Neurosciences Center features a collaborative team of highly trained physicians, clinical practioners, nurses, and allied health professionals. Working in partnership with the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Michigan State University Health Team, Lansing Neurosurgery, and Lansing's private neurology practices, Sparrow offers nationally recognized care for its patients.


We're taking patient care to a whole new level

As the region's only Level 1 Trauma Center, Sparrow must deliver premier neurological care. That is why we continue to advance our care and capability through state-of-the-art treatment, advanced technologies and improved facilities for our Patients. 


Sparrow has built a new home for the Neurosciences Center. This comprehensive Patient-centered facility brings together our leading-edge William & Claire Dart Stroke Center, Neuro interventional Unit, Neuro Trauma ICU, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, Neuro Physiology Unit and Neuro-Oncology Services, as well as support for Patients and their families- all on the top two floors of the Sparrow Tower. 


We're still not done. You can make a difference in our community. World-class neurological care can mean the difference not only between life and death, but life and quality of life. Please continue to lend us your support so that we can further enhance the best neurological care for the people in our region.


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