Nicholas Henry

2014 Sparrow Children’s Center Miracle Child

 Nicholas's Story (written by his Mom)

Our lives were forever changed on August 1, 2013. Our son Nicholas was a very normal 10 year-old with a very active lifestyle. He loved baseball, basketball and playing with friends. He had always been a very healthy little guy. However, we had no idea that inside his brain lived a very silent killer.  Only about one percent of the population is born with an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). Many people with an AVM don’t survive after a brain hemorrhage like Nick’s, and if they do, they more than likely will have a severe and permanent physical or mental impairment.


That unforgettable summer day, Nick had a massive brain bleed and his heart stopped on the way to the hospital. Luckily, my angel and nearby neighbor was able to revive him as we frantically waited for the ambulance to arrive. When we reached the doors at Sparrow we were greeted by a whole team of dedicated specialists who quickly rushed him to CT.  Later on that day, they informed me of the grim news. And while we didn’t know if Nick would survive, we quickly realized that we were in the best care possible.

In order to let Nick’s brain rest, Nick was placed in a coma for 10 days. The entire time he was at Sparrow, our local CMN Hospital, we felt nothing but love and support from all of the caregivers. We had nurses who worked double shifts to be with Nick.  Some of our assigned nurses even came in on days off just to see how he was doing. He had hugs, kisses and “I love you’s” from so many Caregivers. It was incredible to see the amount of love and attention they gave our child. Not only did the staff shower Nick with care, but us as well. 
We were given a room to shower and access to a laundry room so we didn’t have to leave the hospital to get clean clothes. We were able to stay at Nick’s bedside through it all.


I will sum up Nick’s story as best as I can because I could go on for days. My miracle child woke from his coma and was moving all four limbs. He defied the odds! He continues to amaze everyone. I honestly believe that without the state-of-the-art care he received at Sparrow and the loving people who helped him through his brain bleed, he wouldn’t be here today.


Sparrow has given me back my Nick; he is able to do everything he did before the bleed. I truly believe the PICU team saved my son’s life. We are forever grateful. We stop in from time to time just to show the Sparrow team how great their work is. What we experienced is nothing short of a miracle…