Sparrow Foundation Challenge Response Hotline:



THANK YOU for your generosity on behalf of ALL Sparrow Caregivers both direct Patient care and behind-the-scenes. Caring for our community takes the whole team.


A designated fund for those who wish to help Sparrow care for our community during particularly challenging times, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. The costs that Sparrow has already
incurred, above and beyond our ‘normal’ spend, are substantial and increasing daily. This includes additional protective equipment for our caregivers, ventilators and other equipment to help manage
the medical needs of those coming to us, the supplies it takes to effectively screen, test, and more.  

As a not-for-profit healthcare system, Sparrow is committed to caring for every patient, every time, regardless of their ability to pay for those services. The philanthropy of our community is critical to
our mission. For health. For care. For life. 

If you would like to donate new/unopened items, the folowing items will be accepted at:

The former Eastern High School 
220 S. Pennsylvania, Lansing
10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday




  • Disposable face masks
  • Eye protection including face shields & safety goggles
  • Ventilator parts from Hamilton, G5, Servo I and S,
    Trilogy, LTV 1200, HT 50, 7200 Puritan Bennett,
    including ventilator heaters, probes, wires, and
    disposable adapters
  • N95 masks, including 3D printed
  • Bleach or anti-microbial sanitizing wipes
  • Surgical caps
  • Hand-sewn reusable masks
  • Disposable non-latex gloves
  • Disposable foot covers
  • PAPRs (Power air purifying respirators) and PAPR hoods
  • Disposable gowns
  • Bleach
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Nasal flock swabs (FLOQ swabs)
  • Fisher & Payal MR850 wires and heaters
  • 3/4" unused elastic for use as headbands for face shields and 3/16" unused elastic for use as headbands for respirator masks. This elastic is the type used in clothing (waistbands, etc.)



  • Medications
  • Food
  • Blankets
  • Medical equipment not listed above
  • Other supplies not listed above
Challenge Response FAQ's
  What are the criteria for the hand-sewn masks?
  We will accept any masks that can be washed. No specific guidlines have been developed as of yet.
  We are exploring all ideas on how to continue protecting our Caregivers, Patients and families. We are looking into cloth masks that can be washed and reused to help protect our Caregivers during crisis situations should supply run out. At this time we do not want to turn any innovative ideas away. We need to be open to exploring alternate ways to protect our Sparrow family and Patients
  Is there a pattern we should be using?
  Anything you can find on google will work just fine.
  Can I use cotton or cotton blend?
  Whatever supplies you have will do just fine, as long as they are made of washable material.
  What are the criteria for 3-D printed masks?
  Anything similar to a N95 face mask will do.

Should I still donate a PARP (Power air purifying respirator) if it doesn't have a cartridge?

  What if I have a box of gloves or face masks that has been opened but only one mask or pair of gloves has been removed; should I still donate it?
  Yes, we will accept it.
  Do you accept nitrile gloves?
  Do you want cleaning supplies?
  Yes, we are accepting liquid bleach and either bleach or anti-microbial sanitizing wipes.
  Can I donate syringes, needles, blood bags, etc.?
  No, we are not accepting these donations at this time.
  Can we donate clothing?
  No, we are not accepting clothing.
  Are you sending supplies to the Sparrow Community Hospitals
(Sparrow Carson, Sparrow Clinton, Sparrow Eaton, and Sparrow Ionia)?
  Each hospital has their own dropoff site. Please review the list below for details.
Sparrow Carson:
Southeast side of the building by the loading dock 
(East Maple Street and South Fourth Street)
Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sparrow Clinton:
Receiving dock on the east side of the Hospital. 
Enter from Swegles Street and drive through the parking area to the north end of the lot. Use the phone by the door to call our Caregivers. 
Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Sparrow Eaton:
Starting Monday, March 30
AL!VE, main entrance
800 W. Lawrence Ave., Charlotte. 
Monday through Friday, from 4-7 p.m. 
Sparrow Ionia:
537 W. Main Street, Ionia
Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 
DO NOT drop off items at the Sparrow Ionia Hospital or SMG offices. 

Steps to keep flu-like illnesses at bay:


* Wash your hands frequently

* Cover your cough

* Stay home if you're sick

* Avoid close contact with people who are sick

* Clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces daily

* Practice social distancing at all times

For additional resoures and the latest information,
please visit

Challenge Response Fund Donation Form


  If you would like ot make your gift in honor or memorial of a loved one, please do so at, select "Challenge Response" from the dropdown menu, and then use the available field to enter the name of your loved one.