2017 Hike/Bike for Hospice

Granger Meadows Park

Sunday, May 21, 2017 


 (To donate without participating, please visit our donation page, and select "Hike/Bike for Hospice" for your designation)


The Hike/Bike for Hospice is a touching tribute to those who have ended life's journey. Memorial pickets line the pathway of Granger Meadows Park as the hikers walk: a lasting memorial to those we honor every year with love. Join us and hike or bike for remembrance and reflection. All participants will enjoy great music, wonderful food, and family-centered activities.


We are so proud to celebrate over 30 years of dedication to Sparrow Hospice Services!




7:30 am		30 mile Bike Registration (Bikers will begin at 8:30 am)
10:00 am Hike and Kids Bike/Run Registration
11:00 am Opening Ceremonies
11:30 am Hike begins
12:00 pm Children's Bike/Run begins

30 Mile Bike (begins at 8:30 aM)

Registration Fee:	$25.00

This is a 30 mile route which has been carefully mapped out by our Biking Sub-committee.

Course begins and ends at Granger Meadows Park.

ALL bikers are invited to join hikers for the opening ceremony after their ride.

There will be SAG support and 2 rest stops along the route.

Helmets are required for all participants.


Hike (begins at 11:30 aM)

Registration Fee:	$25.00

Children's hike (Begins at 11:30 AM)

Registration Fee:	$10.00

Age groups: 5-14 year olds

Children's Bike/Run (begins at 12:00 PM)

Registration Fee:	$25.00*

Age groups: 4-6 year old: bike 1 mile and run 1/2 mile
7-10 year olds: bike 2 miles and run 1 mile

* The Children's Bike/Run registration fee also allows children to hike, with parents, during the Hike/Bike event as well.

Helmets are required for all participants.

Children will receive a T-shirt and participation medal. For additional "participation tips" visit Motiv8Training.com

Order a picket in memory of your loved one for 2017.  

Children's Activities: 


Ultimate Bounce Inflatables

Face Painting

Potter Park Petting Zoo   






Additional Hike/Bike Pathway Activities:


Remembrance Room. A special place to remember loved ones. Please bring a framed photo for display.


Picket Fence Memorial. Keep a loved one's memory alive by purchasing a fence picket. These pickets will line the path of the hikers every year.


Music Therapy. Musical instruments for attendees to play, courtesy of Marshall Music


Proceeds from the Hike/Bike for Hospice help to support hospice care for terminally ill individuals with limited or no health insurance.


If you have questions about the Hike/Bike for Hospice, please contact Lisa Stewart at Sparrow Foundation at 517.364.3631 or lisa.stewart@sparrow.org.


Our unique and caring offerings:

  • Final dream fulfillment           
  • Vigil companions
  • Music therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Life stories
  • Pet therapy


Funds raised to support the following areas of Sparrow Hospice:

  • Bereavement support services
  • Hospice staff education
  • New equipment and technology
  • Charity care for the uninsured
  • Complimentary therapies
  • Rooftop garden
  • Gifts to the Hike/Bike for Hospice may also be used to support the growth of the Hospice Endowment


 Thank You to our Generous 2017 Hike/Bike for Hospice Sponsors!



If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact Cindy Watters, Senior Development Officer, 

cynthia.watters@sparrow.org or by telephone at 517.364.3619. 




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